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Any antitheft system, no matter how well designed or built is only as good as the quality of its installation. Having a Canadian Standard for Automobile Theft Deterrent Equipment and Systems: Electronic Immobilization; (CAN/ULC- S.338) device (currently approved devices: Autowatch 329 Ti, Autowatch 573 PPI, Mastergard M6000, Mastergard TK and Powerlock-Canada immobilizers) installed by a VSIB Registered Installation Facility ensures that both the device installed and the manner in which it was installed are of superior quality and have the best chance of keeping your vehicle in your hands. This also helps make it possible for the device protecting your vehicle to maintain it's high degree of effectiveness, for the vehicle.

By registering with the VSIB, Installation Facilities listed in this document have agreed to abide by the the Canadian Standard for Installation of Automobile Theft Deterrent Equipment and Systems (CAN/ULC ORD S.275.1) among other things this protocol requires registered facilities to:
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommended installation instructions
  • Solder and seal all wiring connections.
  • Vary the placement of installed wires and components from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Have the necessary tools and equipment.
  • Have access to the correct vehicle wiring.
  • Have the necessary technical training.
  • Have "errors and omissions" liability insurance coverage.
  • Have personnel undergo criminal background checks.
  • Register with the VSIB all installations of Canadian Standard Theft Deterrent Equipment and Systems.
It is strongly recommended that consumers first call the listed VSIB Registered Facility to book an appointment for installation. Not all VSIB Registered Facilities install all approved devices.

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